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QSI Almaty International School participates in a city league and two international conferences.  The Confederation of Almaty Schools and Headteachers (COASH) is the organization for both athletics and activities within Almaty. 

The Central Asia Federation of Athletics, Activities and Arts (CAFA) is the association for international competitions within the Central Asian region.  The Central and Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA) organizes athletic and academic competitions within Central and Eastern Europe. 

At AIS we focus on the development of our participants—both within and outside of the activities.  We build and sustain competitive programs while fostering meaningful and thoughtful people in life. 

At the younger levels we focus on technical, physical (for athletics), and psychological development.  As those are established, we integrate more tactical development at the upper levels.  Our motto is that each of us helps create a better one of us. 

Mental Toughness. Consistency. Discipline.

In the athletic department, we believe that hard work both on and off the field/court is essential to team success. A successful team is not always measured by wins and losses, but by values learned. We consistently work toward creating a challenging and rewarding environment to help young men and women develop positive attitudes and skills. Athletes are expected to be leaders in our school community and to embody good sportsmanship and success orientations behavior at all times! Students must be in good standing academically to participate in athletics.

Eligibility requirements are: 

1) Athletes must have no more than two (2) P’s for any current class. That means one (1) current unit and one (1) past unit. If any athlete has more than two (2) P’s they will be ineligible to play that season’s sport. Units that are open for the full academic year are not included in the 2 “P” limit per class, unless reasonable progress is not being made in the unit. 

2) If any athlete has incomplete units from a previous year, he/she must arrange an action plan with the Counselor and Director of Instruction and be making appropriate progress on those units in order to be eligible for any sport or activity. The Athletic Director will check regularly to ensure that adequate progress is being made. 

3) Any student who receives a ‘D’ on their Status Report will be assigned to the Academic Support period after school and may not be eligible to participate in athletics until the ‘D’ is removed. 

4) Students who have been marked absent on a specific day are not eligible to attend after school athletics or activities on that day. 



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