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The Confederation of Almaty Schools and Head Teachers is a regional organization consisting of eight schools in the Almaty, Kazakhstan area.

COASH Philosophy:  We believe in the development of each student through academic, athletic, and artistic/cultural endeavors. The Confederation of Almaty Schools and Headteachers (COASH) seeks to create, promote and foster participation, fair play and respect among its member schools. This will be achieved by: 

  • Providing a forum for communication and discussion
  • Promoting and/or sponsoring activities and athletic events 
  • Seeking to serve as an extension of each member schools' program to enhance the development of the students, the schools, and the organization

COASH Goals:  COASH sponsors activities in order to pursue the following goals:

  • to encourage new friendships
  • to encourage intercultural & group participation
  • to develop a sense of fair play
  • to develop a sense of self-control, discipline and respect
  • to understand the importance of participation to the best of one's abilities
  • to develop skills and abilities through varied individual and team based activities

Map of member schools