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The well-being of each of our students is very important to us at Almaty International School. Fostering a warm, welcoming, safe, and positive environment for our students is imperative for a healthy social, emotional, and academic experience for all students.

Our counselors work with the students, parents, teachers, and administrative team through whole school activities, class lessons, small group lessons, and individual counseling sessions to meet the academic and social/emotional needs of students and guide them to post-secondary life as global citizens.

The well-being and welfare of children should always be our focus.  

Todd Tiahrt

General Counseling Program Topics

Academic Support

  • Assist teachers implement individual supports in the classroom
  • Assist in creating Behavior Support Plans
  • Assist with placement and assessment decisions
  • Guide students towards a healthy academic self-concept
  • Teach student techniques for better classroom learning


Social/Emotional Support

  • Guide students through cultural adjustments
  • Guide students through relationship issues
  • Teach students conflict resolution skills
  • Teach students problem-solving skills
  • Teach students anger/frustration management Skills
  • Guide students and parents through initial crisis intervention

Secondary Specific Counseling Topics

Academic Planning

  • Audit transcripts for progress towards graduation
  • Review academic plans with students and parents
  • Guide students through annual course selection


Post-Secondary Planning

  • Conduct post-secondary planning exploration sessions with students
  • Assist Secondary IV students through the university admission process
  • Arrange university presentation visits and college fairs


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Meet the Counselors

Isabella Ruiz
Elementary Counselor
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Lisa Routh
Secondary Counselor
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