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Elementary Counseling Program

The well-being of each of our students is very important to us at Almaty International School.  Fostering a warm, welcoming, safe and positive environment for our students is imperative for a healthy social, emotional and academic experience for all students.  Our school wide success orientations, and our adopted Keeping Safe curriculum are both part of maintaining a positive climate throughout our school. 

Our elementary level counselor provides social and emotional support to students, through weekly classroom lessons, and small group or individual counseling opportunities. 

The elementary counselor supports the teaching of our Keeping Safe curriculum, and promotes our schoolwide success orientation program throughout the elementary level. 

Additionally, our counselor is here to work with our administrative team to creatively meet the needs of various students, and to help connect students and families with outside resources when needed.  Our counselor is here to provide preventive education for all students, general support for social and emotional needs, and also assistance and support to students, families and staff during times of crisis. 

Secondary Counseling Program

For Secondary Students, there is a Secondary Counselor.  

The primary responsibility of the Secondary Counselor is to promote the academic, as well as personal, and social development of all secondary students.  

Services Provided 

Design and implement comprehensive academic planning  

  • Create student/teacher master course schedule with Director of Instruction  

  • Compile and update credit checks to track student progress towards graduation 

  • Update Academic Plans and review with students 

  • Guide course selection based on academic plans and future goals  

  • Help track academic progress of students in jeopardy as needed 

  • Meet with students to develop individual schedules and resolve issues.

Assist secondary students with university choices and admissions 

  • Conduct academic planning/exploration sessions with students, individually and in small groups 

  • Guide and assist Secondary IV students through the year-long university admission process

  • Arrange for university presentation visits and college fairs 

Deliver preventative and responsive services 

  • Provide individual and group counseling for secondary students with identified needs, including cultural adjustment and relationship issues 

  • Assist secondary students/staff with conflict resolution/problem-solving 

  • Provide counsel and support to parents and teachers to ensure secondary student success 

  • Provide outside contacts for secondary students re academic assistance 

  • Provide initial crisis intervention, referring students with more significant needs for appropriate professional assistance; when such assistance is not available locally, connect parents and students with qualified distance-delivered services

Consult with staff, administration, and parents regarding

  • Placement and assessment 

  • Identification and referral of secondary students with needs 

Academic Coordinator  

  • AP, PSAT, SAT, ACT Coordinator 

  • CONSULTATIONS: Meetings with teachers, administrators and/or parents to discuss the needs of individual students. 

  • **Confidentiality** 
    Please note that all information discussed is confidential between the counselor and your child, unless they are planning on hurting themselves, hurting someone else or someone is hurting them. 

  • Interventions for behavioral issues and learning problems  



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