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Food Services

Our food service provider is FG Company. The lunches are provided to students in the form of a buffet, 3 and 4-year-old students are served in their classrooms. There will be an in-house bakery, a salad bar, including fresh fruits and vegetables, dressings and sauces are made of natural ingredients; a dietetic station and vegetarian dishes, two entree selections with side dishes, two soup selections, and beverages. In addition, a variety of Korean food is offered for the older students on the daily basis.  

Payments for the lunch program are accepted in cash or with a card (Visa, MasterCard) at the school office.

Payments have to be made in advance on a monthly basis. If the child’s lunches are covered by a company, a payment can be made by wire transfer in KZ tenge for a minimum of 5 months at a time. An invoice and the closing document will be provided by FG company.  Please contact the school lunch coordinator, Nadezhda Yegorina, in advance. Her email address is  

Part of the agreement that we have with our food service provider is that they are to be the sole provider of food service and are responsible for all food service activities at AIS. AIS is not licensed to sell or provide food. Students are allowed to bring their lunches to school. No food can be sold at AIS without the approval of the AIS administration in conjunction with the food service contractor. 



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