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Health and Safety

QSI Almaty is committed to the safety, protection, and well-being of all children.

Staff:  All faculty and staff are required to undergo a background check and to agree to the QSI Code of Conduct.  The hiring of staff requires a rigorous process to ensure the well-being of all children.  Employees receive child protection and first aid training.  A number of staff are trained in CPR.   

Counselors: Counselors are available on campus to provide support for students.  Lessons are taught throughout the school on social and emotional topics as well as the Success Orientations.  Counselors provide counseling services and support for the student body and refer students to mental health practitioners and outside resources when there is a need.   

Success Orientations: These are actively encouraged and taught in virtually all areas of the school curriculum, with a view to making these success orientations a vital part of the students’ life patterns. The school’s role is to reinforce the parents’ efforts. Thus, the home and school, working together, can enhance progress in these universally accepted characteristics of success.  

On Campus Safety:  Almaty International School is a closed campus.  Once on campus, students are not permitted to leave without parental permission and office approval before the end of  school day.  Parents are required to contact the office if their child is to leave early. The school provides security and guards on the campus for the protection and well-being of all students. 



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